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Welcome to our site on Hands off - stop child abuse

We are committed to preventing and protecting against sexual violence against children.

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We are happy about everyone who supports us and wants to protect children preventively. 

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About the association


Children and adults should recognize the signs of sexual abuse as well as pedophile, sadistic and sexually oriented offenders in a timely manner. We want to make a contribution to this through education and prevention work.


Achieved in January 2021


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We have been committed to child protection for several years
Leo lion

The Leo Lion book is for children aged 3-7 to protect them from sexual violence. The book will make prevention easier for children, parents, but also teachers and everyone who works with children on a daily basis.

The association "Hands Away - Stop Child Abuse" advocates that this book can be made available free of charge for daycare centers, schools and parents.

In order to reach the 56 kindergartens and day care centers in Germany, 000 in Switzerland and 15 in Austria with well over a million children, we need financial support for printing costs and distribution. In German-speaking countries there are around 000 primary and elementary schools with around 10 pupils in the first grade, who also need to be educated. you can find more information about the book.

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Marc C. Riebe and Manuela Benko

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95% of all donations go directly to the children

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All donations go directly to the prevention of sexual violence




Even today most people look the other way when it comes to this terrible and therefore taboo topic. 

With our work we want to contribute to the fact that not only children but also adults can recognize the signs of sexual abuse as well as pedophile, sadistic and sexually oriented offenders in good time and react appropriately. They need to be empowered to talk about it (but never with the perpetrator himself, as that would warn him). 

It has to be clear that vigilante justice is not an option. Nevertheless, everyone should be aware that they are complicit or punishable if there is knowledge of abuse, this but not reported to the child protection authority or the police is.


With the website Hands Off we show the extent of this topic in every municipality or city in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and worldwide. 

The film series ”Operation Zucker", With the main actress Nadja Uhl or the film"Hunting party"Represent the challenges very well. Unfortunately, the main responsible former German interior minister, Thomas de Maizière, has the documentation"Saxon swamp”To be deleted from all ARD media libraries. 

The film was shown at 20:15 p.m. in the subsequent panel discussion Sandra maischberger discussed in detail. Wilhelm Röhrig, UBSKM, even said that he is also aware of the murder of children. 


Over 3 million children currently live in captivity (the number of unreported cases is likely to be a lot higher) The industry that deals with child abuse images and related videos $ 30 billion (the number of unreported cases should also be much higher here) must be drained.

Many people still believe this. But the numbers speak a different language: Child sexual abuse is among us. An unwanted part of our society on a scale that makes speechless and angry - and should encourage us to act.

The facts:

  • In Germany there are officially about 15,000 child abuse ads, however, the number of unreported cases is much higher. WHO estimates suggest that it is about 1 million affected girls and boys in Germany, if one of 18 million Children and young people in Europe.
  • Sit in every school class in Germany 1-2 childrenwho are affected by sexual abuse.
  • Approximately 9 out of 10 cases of child abuse remain undetected.
  • 80-90% of the perpetrators are male, 10-20% female.



To do this, we collaborate with organizations such as, which were co-founded by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher or the Operation Underground Railroad OUR von Tim Ballard, which has already freed over 1300 children from captivity and other child protection organizations at home and abroad. 

It is also our demand that the statute of limitations be lifted retrospectively. EVERY WOMAN AND MAN who experienced abuse as a child should have the opportunity to report his or her tormentor.


All cases of abuse images should be reported to Interpol, the BKA or other authorities and dealt with by them, which is now done in less than 10% of cases. For this, the Laws of data retention are being changed as quickly as possible, what for  politics is called for. The same applies to the legal consequences. In Switzerland, fines or suspended sentences can still be imposed for possession of child abuse pictures. In Germany, a shoplifter can possibly be punished more severely than an abuser. 

In Poland compulsory chemical castration was introduced. While this seems extreme, at least over 50% of all perpetrators relapse. Here, too, politicians are asked to take suitable coercive measures during detention or therapy so that the perpetrators receive appropriate psychological care. It's a never-ending story that needs to be stopped ASAP!


Prevention is one of the greatest concerns. We support the staging of plays in kindergartens and schools that show children that their bodies belong only to them. 

We are working on a worldwide "Amber Alert“So that, like in the US, every kidnapping case can be reported. This is an automatic alarm message and a siren alarm message that is displayed within a few minutes on every mobile phone of all people who are within a certain radius of the kidnapping site. This appears with the characteristics of the child and also a description and details of the kidnapper (e.g. license plate).

With specialized lawyers and the organizations mentioned above, we actively help to protect children at risk from perpetrators. In addition, we actively prosecute perpetrators so that they receive their just punishment and the victims experience justice.

95% of your donations go directly to child protection!